Semi-old timer looking for campaign play


Name: Davo
Location: +10 GMT, Queensland AUSTRALIA
Age: Past 2 score and ten!

Availability: Have a time slot available for Friday & Saturday nights fortnightly (+10:00GMT)(start from 8/9th DEC) .
Times Available: 1700 onwards

Preferred Gameplay Type: I prefer a mix of all things but really enjoy campaigns (character/game evolution), not into oneshots!

Edition: ONLY interested in Old School be it OSE (basic to AD&D 2nd Ed or any simulacrum thereof) or BRP (CoC [ANY EDITION]and any others)

Platform: Foundry VTT or Roll20 VTT. (FREE GAMES ONLY)

Experience: DM’d and played since 1982, have been running a AS&SH/OSE (2yrs) game and a Mystara OSE (2yrs) game on Foundry. Currently running Cthulhu Rising game. PS: I would currently like to play but if that isn’t possible then I will Ref/Keeper a game instead so I can fill the time slot but I will only ref OSE or BRP[CoC7ed] games. Cheers Davo. :saluting_face: