Semi-experienced player with Character concept. [18+] [GMT] [RP heavy] [long term] [homebrew]

Got about 2 years of Roleplay experience as a player
Location: England
Available on weekdays not weekends
Have a great Mic and webcam if needed
Personality: organised, cheerful and helpful
Group vibes: looking for a group of people to get along with and play with and people to have a good laugh with.
Preferred setting: homebrew worlds. somewhere that allows firearms
Character: Fighter going into CR gunslinger.
little about me
I’m 25 and a gamer at heart. been playing dnd 5e for the past 2 years and enjoyed my time with the parties I’ve had and want to find another game night to play.

About my character.
Valtor Rend is loosely based on the Mandalorian creed.
Valtor is a merc when starting out the game and has a small backstory that can be expanded on if the GM wanted but I’m hoping to expand with the GM so that we can add cool ideas to this character.
Race: Wood Elf
Class: fighter (CR gunslinger)
Background: outlander
Alignment: Lawful Neutral. (will be played by his code from the creed but honour his word can be counted on if needed)

Hoping to start off with some custom equipment

Half plate
Pouch X2
Revolver (or pepperbox)
Short sword
Water skin
Pop me a friend request over on Discord Urtrek#2146