Searching on The Bazaar

Finding the exact content you’re looking for is easy, thanks to our filters and search functionality on The Bazaar! We detail how to use it below.

Using Filters

The left hand-side of The Bazaar (pictured below) has several useful filters for finding the exact content you are looking for.

They can be used while viewing content in general, or as part of a search on The Bazaar. Filters can be selected to toggle them on or off- this will result in content being filtered in and out based on what you have selected.

For instance, selecting “Add-on Modules” within the Foundry VTT category will filter out all non-module content (such as asset packages, worlds, etc).


These can be combined in creative ways to help find the right content for you. For instance, if you’re looking for winter-based map modules, you can toggle on “Add-on Modules” to only show modules, and then enable the “Cold” or “Winter” location tags. This will display content tagged as being winter-themed, which will usually only include map packages, or winter-themed adventures.

A package I’m looking for isn’t tagged/showing up!

A formal tagging system was introduced to The Bazaar in 2023. As a result, many packages from before then are not tagged properly.

In addition, Bazaar packages can only have a limited number of tags, in order to improve the power of tags (this prevents a package from being tagged too many times and showing up in any filtered search). Conversely, this does mean that sometimes, a package will not be tagged in a way that matches it. When in doubt, some of the advanced search tips below may be helpful.

Advanced Search Tips

The search functionality on The Bazaar is extremely versatile. We support many standard search operators within The Bazaar. This includes operators such as quotes (" "), plus (+), minus (-), and asterisk (*).

Exact Phrase Search

You can use double quotes (" ") around your search term to search for an exact phrase.


"your search phrase"

Here, the search will return entries that contain the exact phrase “your search phrase”.

Include a Term

You can enforce the inclusion of a term in the search results by prefixing the term with a plus (+).



This will ensure that the term “term” is present in all the search results. You can combine this with other terms to increase the specificity of your search phrase.

Exclude a Term

You can exclude a term from your search results by prefixing the term with a minus (-).



This will return search results that do not contain the term “term”. You can add multiple terms this way to help filter your results!

Wildcard Search

You can use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard symbol to search for entries that start with or end with a term. Place the asterisk at the end of the term to search for entries that start with the term, or place it at the beginning to search for entries that end with the term.



This will return entries that start with “term”.



This will return entries that end with “term”.

Combining Terms

You can even combine these search tips to tailor your search results. For example, a search query might look like this:

+requiredTerm "-excluded term with spaces" *prefix

This would return entries that include “requiredTerm”, exclude “excluded term with spaces”, and start with “prefix”.

Experiment with these search tips to find what works best for you. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Happy searching!