Screen Flickers then I lose all scene assets (maps, tokens, etc.)

I keep getting a weird issue. During sessions (any game system, regardless of modules, as both player and GM, wifi or hardwired), my screen will flicker and will lose all scene assets, leaving behind the everything else.

EDIT: When I say screen, I mean the Forge display. My actual computer display itself does not flicker, just the webpage Forge is running in.

This only happens to me, not anyone else playing.

I am running Forge on a win 10 machine, using Chrome, Foundry v0.8.8

that sounds like your GPU driver is crashing. I’d recommend making sure all your drivers are up to date and if you use anything weird that might cause this (extremely large maps, GPU intensive modules, having 10 twitch and youtube videos playing in the background at the same time, etc…) then that might also be causing the GPU to crash.
I hope that helps.

Hmm. Drivers are up to date, only running zoom and it happens on pretty much most maps.

3200x2400 image in the example provided. 7 modules activated (none that should be taxing to a high-ish end GPU) that are all up to date.

Watching movies, playing video games with extreme video settings and other GPU intensive activities don’t seem to suffer any problems. It’s only when I’m using Forge that I have any issues (I don’t get this problem with Foundry, either).

RTX 2060

Screenshot this page’s output for you: WebGL Report

Found your issue immediately, Chrome is NOT using your RTX 2060:

Change that in Windows Settings → Graphics.

Assign Chrome to use “High Performance”. Or disable the Integrated GPU in your BIOS.

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Thanks! I’ll report back if I have further issues.