Scorched Sands: Explore the Madran Wastes under the Shattered Sun. |[D&D5e][Homebrew Setting][LGBTQIA+ Friendly][Free Session 0]

:scroll: | Experience the thrill of exploring the unknown in this dark fantasy setting of Dead Gods and a Shattered Sun.

Scorched Sands is a campaign set in my Shattered Sun setting inspired by hexcrawl exploration and Westmarch-style games. You will take the role of an adventurer given the opportunity to explore the Madran Wastes, an area besieged by the Realm of Fire and Hollow Abyss. Isolated from the world since the Desolation, until now! While this will be heavy on exploration, wilderness, and dungeon delving, don’t be fooled The Wastes still have inhabitants, and there will still be plenty of intrigue and roleplay available as you discover the deeper secrets of this ravaged land.

The Madran Wastes are aptly named, the flame-scorched sand is said to be unable to house any life within it. A desert that is ravaged by the Realm of Fire leaking in, large swathes of the desert burnt black, or melted into glass and obsidian. However, it is said many secrets and ancient nations lost to time and history are found deep within these lands. So you find yourself in the city of Myth’s Call, a small settlement far from civilization, the last Free Port. This city houses those who wish to explore the Scorched Desert or the Glass Dunes deep in the Madran Wastes. It welcomes people from all walks of life and those who wish to get a new start flock here. Have you been hired by the local noble who is making expeditions deep into the Wastes? Are you a native who has begun living in Myth’s Call with the hope of finding your tribe or the secrets within? Are you running from something, or do you wish to find fame? Did you discover a secret that has led you here or a clue that’s answer is only found deep in the desert? Whatever brings you doesn’t matter, the Wastes treat everyone equal…

You can find more detailed info on the World Lore here: EldritchDM - Shattered Sun

Handout: Scorched Sands Handout.pdf - Google Drive