Scheduling Games via Forge Gamemanager?

Hey I’m using the simplified gamemanager on forge to run my games, but I was wondering is there a way to schedule a time with it?

If I’m not using it I can obviously schedule a game via the edit world screen, but the gamemanager bypasses that, so I was wondering if there’s an alternative way to do so that I might be missing?

Using Game Manager, no, there’s not a way to change the “Next Session” time, except for disabling Game Manager, editing the time, re-enabling Game Manager. Though it is oft requested that there is a way to do this.

Better way to proceed in my opinion, enable “Automatic User Management” (User Manager), and with your players having Forge accounts, they’ll never see the schedule screen ever. When they click “Access Game” they’ll launch straight into the world, with User Manager authenticating them to FoundryVTT on The Forge: Game Manager & User Manager

Ah gotcha, thanks for confirming! And the suggestion!