Scheduled data maintenance for Tuesday 12th

Recently some more was done in order to improve storage performance, and to avoid one issue I’m having with the storage cluster, I will need to move everyone’s data to a new file system.
This move is necessary in order to improve performance as well for users in the Europe region, as it will bring the performance of the European servers on par with the North American ones.

Until that maintenance task is done, server selection will be disabled.

The maintenance is planned for Tuesday May 12th, at 1 AM EST (2020-05-12T05:00:00Z), while the data synchronization is happening, you won’t be able to import/delete content from your game data or launch a game. It will only be done one user at a time, as to not affect anyone else, it should only last a few seconds, and it won’t happen if you’ve recently been using your game, so in theory, you shouldn’t notice anything at all.

FYI: The maintenance happened as planned, it lasted about an hour and only affected European users, none of whom were online at the time. Now everyone should feel the improvement in performance when running their games.