Scene thumbnail location on forge

Hi just a query, but where are the generated scene thumbnails stored on the Forge? I might be slightly OCD but I figured I would make my own scene thumbnails and replace the existing png file (due to the not showing tiles issue). However it doesn’t seem to be using those in worlds/myworlds/scenes/thumbs so i’m pretty stumped at the moment.

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Hello there!

You are indeed OCD, so OCD in fact, that nobody has asked about this before! :smiley:

So, the way Foundry works is that the thumbs are generated and placed in the world folder, which would be the User Data section, then worlds/yourworld/scenes/thumbs.
However, there’s no way to actually edit these files on the forge sadly.

The only solution I can provide that should work fine is to export the scene as JSON, open the resulting file and replace the thumb value with a link to a file from your Assets Library.
Then import the scene through the same context menu into the existing one.


Hope that’s fine. In a local Foundry you’d just be able to replace the image with a different one and replace it that way. It might be a good feature suggestion to Foundry to be able to replace this image from the scene context menu itself. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

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I actually wanted to make the Forge module automatically replace the data:image/png;base64 that Foundry sets for the thumbnail (which the server then stores as a file directly in user data) with an asset upload and link to the thumbnail image in the assets library. It just never reached top priority :slight_smile:

Hahaha ok guys many thanks. I might have to try this, then I can get some piece of mind lol.