Saving Bestiary images across updates?

Hey, all. I have my P2E bestiaries pretty filled out and don’t want to lose what I have now on an update. Is there any way to maintain the bestiary images across updates? I have some stuff in one of the table tool’s shared compendium options. Thanks in advance for anyone with advice, and pls know I am not what the poets would call “exceptionally intelligent about computer stuff” so I may ask for clarification on something. Sorry, and thanks again!

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I moved the bestiary to a new compendium and did all my changes within that leaving the main compendium to update.

Hey! If you are scared of something getting lost, you can export the shared compendium, and your world before your update, as a backup.

Otherwise, unless you have put everything into a system compendium, in that case you can export a json by right-clicking the compendium.