Savage Worlds : Pathfinder, Rise of the Runelords, Weekly, Sunday @ 3 PM GMT , Seeking 1-2 players

Looking for 1-2 players for a weekly Savage Worlds: Pathfinder game, running the Rise of the Runelords adventure path. Players who have not played Rise of the Runelords in any system strongly preferred.

Current group consists of 2 consistent players and 1 who can only make about half the sessions. Looking for another consistent player, maybe 2 if I get multiple people I think would be a strong fit.

We do ask that you have an adequate microphone, as well as a quiet place to play. Sessions around 3-4 hours(typically closer to 3).

We use Discord for voice, and Foundry for the game itself.

I don’t mind less experienced or newer players, as long as they make an effort to learn the system as we play.

I must insist that would-be players be adults. Both for a minimum level of maturity, and because Paizo-made adventure paths can have a lot of darker material that I would not be comfortable running for minors.

The group as a whole is generally pretty action-forward, though we do enjoy some roleplaying time. As the GM, my interests do slant strongly towards the dungeon-crawling and combat aspects of the game, but I don’t intend to skimp on the parts in between. I enjoy trying to challenge(but not kill) my players, and have experience with a number of d20 systems…though my time with Savage Worlds is limited and thus far only as a player. Expect this to be a learning experience for me, as well.

If you’re interested, I ask that you please send me a message telling me a bit about yourself, both your experience with TTRPGs and Savage Worlds(again, I don’t mind if you’re new, but I do want to know what we’re working with), and a bit about what you hope to get out of the game. Also make sure to note anything that you believe would make you particularly uncomfortable as a player, so that I can plan around that if it crops up in the adventure and decide how to work around it.