Savage Pathfinder - Curse of the Crimson Throne


Experienced group keen to give Savage Pathfinder a try and enjoying it so far :grinning:
We are only 3 sessions in and are looking to add one more player to the group. Game-style tends to be strong roleplaying and a steer towards PC agency.

None of us have played or GM’d Curse of the Crimson Throne before so have a mild preference for those for whom it would also be a welcome surprise. What I can share is that it has some adult themes out of the box and will reward those players who like a bit of mystery :ghost:

We use Foundry combined with Discord.

If that sounds interesting to you then follow the link here as we would like to discuss it further with you.
Link here

After many excellent candidates, this has now been filled.

If anyone might be interested in the future then please feel free to post below and we will include you should we need to recruit in the future :slightly_smiling_face: