Ruins of Azlant Sundays 11 AM PST

Ruins of Azlant

My name is Sands. I am a longtime GM over almost 15 years now. I have two new campaigns starting up. Both with custom remade maps! I love telling stories and I much prefer story oriented adventuring. I do love a good slug fest too, don’t get me wrong. But I like watching characters grow and develop as we tell a story together!

Session 0 is Free.

Price: $15 USD per session or $50 USst
Slots Available: 3 out of 5 slots (3 players minimum)
System Used: Pathfinder 1Ed
Style: Live sessions, voice over discord and Foundry VTT
Session Duration: 4-5 hours
Ruins of Azlant, Sundays 11:00 AM PST

Discord (idk how you’re reading this without it)
A browser and computer capable of running foundry
A working microphone.
To not be a jerk and be accepting to anyone with any level of experience with the game and in general.
And a willingness to take an active part in the development of both your character and story.
Bigotries of any kind will not be tolerated.

Join the Bountiful Venture Company as they charter and delve into the Shattered Continent to uncover The Ruins of Azlant and search for it’s secrets long since swallowed beneath the waves!

Please send a DM if you are interested!

Ruins of Azlant has 2/5 Players