'Rubber Banding' /stuttering in game?


Me and my players have been noticing in our past three to five games playing in Pathfinder 2e that there is a sort of ‘rubber banding’ issue going on. For long periods of time, usually an hour or so, we will lose our ability to select anything for about 2-3 seconds, be able to select things again and hover over them and go back to it. This will repeat for sometimes up to an hour and over. With all players having the same issue. This hasn’t been an issue until a month or so ago.

This could be an issue with the optimisation of the game but I wouldn’t describe it as a huge game at the moment. I’ve noticed this with even just myself in the game. It feels a bit like the game is fighting you to make changes.

Just wondering if this might be a server side issue or something. Or if there’s any troubleshooting I can do. It seems to be across all scenes, etc and is really disruptive to the game. Sometimes making players miss clicking their rolls or then double rolling.

Thanks for any help!

Hey there :wave:

The issue you’re describing might well be related to module behaviour. I’d strongly recommend checking to see if the issue persists when you launch the game in safe config, and keeping an eye on the dev tools console (F12) to see if there are any errors being logged when this occurs.

A lot of the processing for rolling, moving characters, etc. happens in the browser. If there is something causing errors or high resource usage in the browser, you might see this kind of behaviour.

It’s also a good idea to confirm your hardware acceleration is active and to check your world size.

Let me know if troubleshooting yields fruit or if you run into any roadblocks!

Hi Phi. Thanks for the information. Hardware acceleration is on and our world size is 37mb, so on the larger size but not extreme. I haven’t seen any errors being logged to me but I can take a look. We are all noticing it across our different computers while playing the game, so there is something going on causing it all.

Thanks for the list of stuff to troubleshoot with it and I’ll experiment and then come back.

No problem :+1:
Alright, good to know that hardware acceleration and the world sizes are good. Checking if it happens in safe configuration would be a good next step, which will let us know if it might be coming from a module.