Room For One More - Home Brew D&D Campaign Looking for 1 Player

:crossed_swords: What game system:

:calendar: When do you play (including time zone):
We play Every Other Monday Evening starting at 7:30 PM CST [GMT -6]
Currently running: Next Game Sep 14th 2020

:scroll: In the Shadow of Stonefall Hold:
We play a homebrew Epic Scale Game :

In the time before it was only the Dwarves and Gnomes that lived here in the safety of the worldโ€™s womb. The other races lived above in the open sky bathed in the light. But when the Blinding came and poisoned the sky and tainted the land they cried out and begged the Dwarves to take them in. The Dwarves, kind and noble of heart, took pity on the races of the surface and opened the doors of their fortresses to them.

There is a player guide for the setting here

:memo: Additional details:
I have been running and playing since the 80โ€™s this is my newest campaign and is already in progress. You would be fitting in to an existing group, finding a player to take up our empty chair that meshes with the current group is my top priority.

The game has been running for some time with the party currently playing 8th Level Characters. We are losing one player due to shifting work schedule demands opening up an opportunity for you to join us!

We run Every other Monday starting 7:30 PM CST and sessions tend to last for about two hours. Sessions tend to be 40-50% combat, 20-30% Role Play, 20-30% Exploration.

I am happy to have players of any experience level, as long as you fit with the group and are keen to play let me know. We are using the PHB and XGE for character creation.

You can reach me on Discord: Dr Ogres#8921


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This slot is filled for now. Thanks for all the interest!