Rise of the Drow [Saturdays 4:30pm est][paid][$15][Online][LGBTQ+ Friendly] [Beginner Friendly][Foundry VTT]

Rise of the Drow will take you overland through Dark Forests, Sail down rivers and enter the Underdark. The Drow have stolen a magical artifact and it’s up to you to find out what they are up to and put a stop to it.

But who will you be an Upper Worlder or an Underdarkian?

Rise of the Drow has its own Underdark races that each have their own unique Classes, Spells, Feats and Magical Items. Whichever way you choose your adventure it will be as unique as a snowflake.

About Myself

I have been a TTRPG enthusiast since the end of 3.0. I have DM’d Pathfinder, Pathfinder Society, Living Veluna and D&D 5e. So far 5e is my favorite… I have been DMing for 5 yrs and enjoying every moment of it. When I create a world my players decisions are very important and have an impact in all my games. I accept players of all experience levels.

About my Games

My games are open to every one either Veterans or Newer Players. All of my games are LGBTQ+ Friendly

What I Offer

• Challenging fantasy adventures.

• Heavy Roleplay but also has plenty of combat with traps and puzzles.

• Sounds and animations for spells, items and actions.

• Animated tokens and maps/backgrounds. People from your background turned into Npcs for a more immersive experience.

Platform: 5e

Slots: 2 Empty Seats Available.

Style: Voice through Discord

Session Duration: 3.5 - 4hrs

Schedule: Weekly on Saturdays 4:30pm Est – 8:30pm Est

Price: $15 per session

Sign Up Link: https://startplaying.games/adventure/6274660c91d3b3459df4bacd

What you need:

  • Foundry VTT

-Good Mic

-Discord Account

-Free Forge Account

-Free D&D Beyond Account

  • I will provide the material for this game.


Is through StartPlaying:

For more information and specific questions you can reach me through Discord:

Stuttering DM (Brian#2939)