Return of the Forgotten [LFP][5e]

Game System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Session Length: 4 hours
Schedule: Sunday
Local Timezone: GMT-6
Price: Free Session 0, $7.50USD for Session 1 then $15USD onwards

Session 0 can be reschedule for player accomodation.

-Decent internet & microphone
-Video is optional
-Discord account
-Forge account (optional)
-Slots: 1/6 (can start with at least three players)
-Characters: Starts at lvl 3 with expectation to reach lvl 20
-Races: Any, except Human, halfelf, halforc, tielfling, aasimars
-Stat roll or if unsatisfied can forgo using Standard Array
-Official published contents allowed except UA; some contents & lore will be altered to fit the world setting
-HP is average.
-Including the starting equipment, players get extra starting gold and two common items of their choosing

Return of the Forgotten Ynoch, year 2564 of MA (Modern Arcanum)
Centuries later, relative peace has achieved despite its long history of reoccurring war, disputes and calamities between the different nations of Ynoch. However, amidst such harmony there are rising rumors of mysterious deaths, disappearing villages, and sightings of the creatures of legends leaving trails of chaos. Players will be one of the group of adventurers tasked by the Council on investigating such sightings. This will be an ongoing campaign that allows players to explore the deep wilds & history of the land.

Feel free to message me on discord Oldais#1679