RESOLVED Bug: Broken images in asset browser. No image loading in game

When I try to upload a map, it does not appear to load. I get a broken image icon instead:

But more concerning, is that prior loaded content now all appears to be broken. This is a screen shot from a map made and played several sessions ago:

But all the future maps I have prepped now look like this.


Yeah i’m also currently experiencing the same issue where when i try to upload tokens or profile pic to any of my player characters.

I’m getting the same problem myself. I had one of my campaigns open earlier today and the images I browsed that day are still loading and I can use them as tiles &c, but uploading images/music results in broken icon. I switched over to my other campaign and saw every map was composed only of warning symbols so I got a pretty big shock. Good to know it’s probably a server issue. Even going to the image asset library directly results in all the images having broken icons.

Same issue here in our game. Worked fine but literally from one moment to another the entire asset library broke and any attempt to upload anything results in either [object event] or cannot read property ‘etag’ of null.

This just happened to me as well. All art assets broke simultaneously.

I’m glad it isn’t just me; I’m relatively new to Foundry/Forge and was wracking my head wondering what on earth I had done to break everything.

I’m also getting errors with assets loading. For instance:

Not just you trust me. I’m not new to foundry but the absolute timing of working on something and suddenly everything breaking did me quite a shocker.

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I have the same issue and opened another ticket because I saw this thread only after I started a new one. Glad, I’m not the only one experiencing issues.

They’re aware of the issue and are in contact with the hosting service. Its a CDN issue by the looks of it. Out of the hands of the Forge team so all we can do is wait.

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Fantastic timing as my game is in just a few hours and all those hours of work setting up all this shit just for it to break and be unusable when I need it.

The issue looks resolved to me now

Can confirm; my asset library was just restored.

Edited subject to indicate this is resolved.

Images (tokens, maps, avatars etc.) that I’ve uploaded to my assets library do not work properly anymore. When I start the game, some images appear, some don’t. I use tokenizer, but disabling the module didn’t change anything and the normal uploader apparently also doesn’t work.

When I try to acess the images via the “Assets Library” tab on the forge website, I get an “internal server error”.

Thanks everyone for your patience.
I’ve just posted a detailed explanation of the problem and how it was addressed :