Resetting your Foundry VTT administrator password on The Forge


Note: Users with Game Manager enabled on The Forge do not use/see the default Foundry VTT setup menu. If you are having issues logging into The Forge, you can reset your password here.

The administrator “password” (access key) in Foundry VTT allows you to access the setup menu, where you can edit world details, install content, and most importantly, delete content and worlds. For this reason, it’s very important to keep this key safe.

Please keep in mind that this admin access key/password is not linked to any login solution, including Foundry Gaming or The Forge’s account system. It is entirely set by the owner of the server. On our service, it is set by the owner of the Forge account/server. We do not advise reusing a password/access key used elsewhere, since it is stored less securely than an actual account login.

Admin Access on The Forge

Unless your server is set to public mode, or you wish for others to access your Foundry VTT setup menu on The Forge, we do not recommend setting an admin access key. By default, The Forge will only allow the account owner to access their setup menu, unless an access key is created, or the game is set to public in the privacy mode.

How to reset/change your administrator access password

The Forge makes it easy to reset your admin access key. To reset the access key, navigate to the game/table in your Forge Setup menu . Select the backspace/delete button highlighted below, to the right of the Foundry setup admin key. This will delete the existing access key. From there, you can leave it blank, or set a new one.

Once you are done editing the Foundry setup admin key, navigate to the bottom of the web page, and select the green “Save Changes” button.