Rename data path

How do I rename a Data Path name? I innocently called my first world “test1” and have since built in it, given it a World Title, and my players and I use it. So I want to change “test1” to something meaningful, but can’t find a way to do it. Is there a way? And if so, how?

Great question!
So, you can’t actually change the folder name in Foundry of an existing world, if you do, it will break, not unless you also edit the world.json at the same time to tell it what the new path should be.
A simple solution on The Forge would be for you to go to your My Foundry page, and use the Clone World tool, rename your world that way, it will create a clone under a new folder. You should then be able to delete the old world (though Foundry might still be using paths that point to the old folder, specifically when it comes to scene thumbnails, so make a backup of that before you delete it, in case you ever need to restore it)
I hope that helps.

Thanks so much for the prompt response, as well as the instruction. Worked like a charm. Also, nothing seems broken on first glance. I did back up the old version anyway for safe keeping, just in case.

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