Reloading a Backup

Reloaded a backup from a week ago in an attempt to rollback whatever broke my game after a module update. Absolutely nothing changed inside the game after the restore process. Tokens i added today before the restoration as well as active/inactive modules were still the same. Did i do something wrong during the restoration process?

Did you tick the box that said “over write the existing world” (not sure of the exact wording, but its something like that).
Have a read through the bottom half of this doc. You can try again and if you get stuck, I recommend jumping into the discord and we can provide real time help with screen grabs etc.

Was it by importing a previously exported zip of your world, or did you use a SavePoint?
Did you make sure your server was shut down (“Stop Server” from The Forge) when you did the import, because if Foundry is open, it will just overwrite the game’s database again when it exits, with whatever it had in RAM.

I apologize for not responding to this i was in a bit of a time crunch at the time and completely forgot once i got everything working again. Apparently anything that i do that requires communication between the forge and foundry takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours to “go live”. That particular issue i was having took almost an hour for the overwriting of the previous savepoint to take effect. In that time the current state was still available to alter and adjust freely and then suddenly the world refreshed and it completed its rollback. If i install a module from the bazaar it takes upwards of 4 hours to become active even if i stop server and start it back up again. The amount of time it takes seems to be entirely arbitrary and can be anywhere from 20 minutes up to as i said 4 hours. Im unsure if this is a migration issue on the forge side or if there is somehow an issue with my foundry worlds/servers.

This sounds like an issue of having the world open at the same time. The Forge should shut down the world while it restores it, because it could cause data corruption otherwise, as Foundry holds all of its data in memory and only loads from disk when it starts.
I don’t see any other reason for there to ever be a delay like you described. We’ll check if there is somehow a way for a restore to occur while a game is running.
I hope that helps.