Relative Paths for module audio

Is it possible to use relative paths to play audio from a module?

I am trying to play some audio using Sequencer.
When using the absolute path it works fine:

Also when I put the audio files into my assets library and use relative paths:

But what is not working is any iteration using relative paths to a module like:


Any thoughts on that are most welcome.

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Hey there :wave:
Yeah this should be possible. We do check the Bazaar if you use a relative path.
You’ll notice that there is an /assets/ in the absolute path. This is something that we add to the absolute path on our side but it doesn’t necessarily exist in the base module.

Try referencing this and see if it works for you :slight_smile:

Internally, we’ll check the asset content of that module on the Bazaar.

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Great! Works!
Thanks for the ultra-fast reply!

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Awesome! Glad to hear it works! :raised_hands: