Regargind AV Chat Integration

As stated by Atropos: “Due to an upstream bug in the Open-EasyRTC library Foundry VTT uses for handling peer-to-peer video and audio chat connections, the default AV Chat Integration is presently non-functional. We are actively working to resolve this, but we are sorry to report it may be some time before it is resolved. This will not affect those using alternate AV solutions such as the Jitsi integration module.

Will the AV Chat continue working on Forge with Foundry 0.8.6 or will we need to use third part solutions like Jitsi?

By my knowledge, that will effect us too.
We are using Default AV.

I’m going to test to see if it works or not in a moment.

It indeed seems like AV isn’t working on 0.8.6 sadly. :confused:
Hope that answers it, and we are reliant on it getting fixed by Foundry.

Note that getting it to work with jitsi means installing the jitsirtc module. There shouldn’t really be much else needed in terms of setup (i.e: you don’t need to install a custom server anywhere).

I use Jitsi, but it is not currently working. I reenabled the module, but still nothing.