Refunds on The Forge


We like to think that our service is the best hosting experience, and the best way to experience Foundry Virtual Tabletop. However, some of our users do experience occasional issues, or are otherwise unsatisfied with The Forge’s offerings.

This is why we offer a free trial for The Forge. Once you enter your credit card information and finalize the subscription, you get an automatic 14-day free trial to The Forge.

This gives users plenty of time to experiment with different plans, test out and run on the service, and decide if it’ll be right for them. They are free to cancel at any point during the free trial, without charge.

It is the user’s responsibility to cancel before their trial ends, or before a subscription renews, if they do not wish to continue using our services.

Refund Policy

Because of this generous free trial, The Forge does not currently offer refunds, as per our Sales Policy.

We do not usually make exceptions to this policy, given that users will have time to experiment with our service at least once. If you feel that you have an extenuating circumstance that would suggest an exception is needed, you can email us via [email protected].