R20 converter/exporter dragonlance world

I own the D&D beyond dragonlance game, but was unhappy that it doesn’t carry over pre-made maps and tokens and im too lazy and don’t have the time to set that up.
So i read that roll20 does that and you can export that over.

I use the r20 exporter/converter and i got all that running and working.

I was able to successfully import it to my Foundry app and it works perfectly fine.

the issue i have is importing it using the summoning wizard to Forge. Myself and my players play on the Forge website and it just won’t seem to import. It’ll load and say only “1 asset carried over” and then no new world or game is created.

Anyone mind helping with a breakdown?

Heya :wave: Hm, that’d be the case if the content that you’re importing doesn’t have a world.json file in it.

Double check the contents of the folder or zip that you’re importing, and make sure that it matches the Foundry world. Usually you’ll need to import the content from your Foundry data folder (default is %LocalAppData%/FoundryVTT/Data

it does have a world.json file in it.
here’s pic to show.

thats what im importing.
i know it recommends to import the data folder specifically rather than the specific worlds folder which i’ve done. shrug

What browser are you using? If it’s opera this is a known issue with the current version. Try the import from Chrome or another browser.

Ah, yeah, @artifission is right, Opera deviates somehow on the standard upload element, causing it to consider the entire folder as a single file.

Switching to another browser like Chrome, Edge or Firefox for just the import, if you’re currently on Opera, should help!

you guys were right, thank you very much! i was using opera GX and switched to a diff browser and it worked just fine!

thanks all!

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