R/lfgpremium •Posted by u/fistantellmore 2 days ago [LFP] | [Online] | [Campaign] | [D&D5E] | [Homebrew] | [FoundryVTT] | [4-6 Players] | [20$ per player per session] Final Fantasy 5E: The Twelve Kingdoms [Weekly] | [Tuesday] | [8 PM EST]

Long ago, the Zodiac War reduced the world to a scorched wasteland, and magic was lost to the people…

Thousands of years have passed… Iron, gunpowder, and steam engines have been rediscovered, and high technology reigns… Magic has reawakened…

A new continent, lush and fertile has been discovered… Full of wonders and materials to be exploited… The Old Lands now race to control these new resources… To control Magic…

Come join the Cadets of the Order of the Black Chocobo on their first mission to explore the newly discovered continent of Nova Aquian in the name of the Gemini Empresses!

This is a homebrew game based on the Final Fantasy series using the custom FFXIV 5E conversion rules from Silent Soren on GM’s Binder. The setting will be a custom creation inspired by the fantastical settings of the popular series from Squaresoft and SquareEnix.

It will be a sandbox game featuring politics, rich characters and roleplay, exploration of strange lands, the awakening of magics long forgotten.

This game is welcome to people of all backgrounds, genders and orientations. If you have any issues with inclusivity, this may not be the game for you!

Begginers and Veterans alike are welcome, and I’m happy to help you build your characters!

Game Details

Campaign: Final Fantasy Tuesdays

Date: Weekly sessions every Tuesday

Time: 5 PM Pacific / 6 PM Mountain / 7 PM Central / 8 PM Eastern

Place: Online (VTT/Discord for Voice and Text)

Duration: Sessions run 3-4 hours

Payment: $20 (USD) per session per player paid through PayPal

About Me: I’m a DM with over 20 years of experience who’s been playing since 2nd Edition and I strongly believe that the player’s write the story with their choices and decisions, I’m just the editor that makes sure every player is getting the role they want in the story. While I sometimes may be using published materials, I’ll often tailor the module to the players. This means that your choices in character creation will help shape the story, and veterans who may have played the adventure before might get a surprise or two!

I believe in RAW and RAI, meaning your spells and abilities will do what they say they do, but I also support and encourage creative applications as well. I won’t punish you for your build or your creativity, instead I’ll find ways to make you feel challenged and awesome!

I’m a fan of rich, fulfilling narratives, memorable characters with unique personalities and stories that will change based on your decisions, but I’m also a seasoned vet who’s fought a battle or two and loves dynamic tactical combat. Depending on who is in the group and what your preference is, we can focus on either (or both!). We can play a session without a single roll of a die, or we can wage glorious battle through a gauntlet of cunning foes. The game you want is the game I’ll bring to you!

The homebrew being used: 5th Edition D&D x Final Fantasy XIV - Classes and Races Compendium | GM Binder

Please DM me if interested.