Questions and bugs RE: D&D Beyond integration

Some questions and a couple bug reports.


  • Will D&D Beyond content be updated like other content in the Bazaar? In other words, will it know when updates are available or will you have to re-import content manually whenever there’s an update?

  • I’m assuming roll tables will be available in the future?

  • Will journal entries that have stat blocks (such as Appendix D: Special NPCs from Storm King’s Thunder) have rollable stats and such eventually?


  • Trying to import Tales from the Yawning Portal as either a world or a module gives a “Failed to import content : Could not find version” error. Importing the individual adventures seems to work though.

  • For Storm King’s Thunder, under the journal entry “Appendix D: Special NPCs”, the first entry “Augrek BrighthelM” has a capital M at the end of her name. Minor, I know, but it might indicate a bigger formatting problem? Haven’t come across anything else like that yet though so it might also be an isolated incident.

  • Importing Rrakkma as a world, the pre-generated characters do not show up in the Actors tab. The map for Temple of Madness also did not show up in the Scenes tab.

  • Importing Rick & Morty as a world, the pre-generated characters do not show up in the Actors tab. Many monster actors from Appendix D are missing from the actors tab (bugbear, commoner, cultist, flameskull, ghoul, giant spider, goblin, hobgoblin, nothic, ochre jelly, ogre, orc, owlbear, skeleton, spectator, stirge, twig blight, young green dragon, zombie). There are also additional named NPCs that although they have generic statblocks are not in the actors directory import like Captain A-Hole, Mister Meeseeks, and Tommy Two-Butts.

Sorry if these issues are already known. At any rate, I’m very pleased with the progress that’s been made so far and I eagerly await the day when this moves past beta. Thank you for all your hard work! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the bug report ^^
I am sure Kakaroto will have responses for you when he got time. And it doesn’t matter if they’re already found (doesn’t look like it to me), it gives perspective of what would need a bit of change :smiley:

Regarding your first question.
For Core books I would imagine a maybe. The content in the compendiums would be updated, I tihnk.
While adventures are currently worlds, so I doubt they will update along with us. But the plan is to put everything into compendiums, by my knowledge. This means there would be a chance, but also likely you would need to drag out another scene from the compendium.

Alright, thank you so much, and hopefully the rest will be answered soon. :heart:

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Thanks for testing and reporting on these, that’s very helpful, as I wasn’t aware of some of the reported bugs.
Note that the pre-generated characters in Rrakkma are (for some reason) available as a pdf only that you can access from one of the journal entries. Unfortunately, that is the only information that I have and cannot create actors from them (at this time).
I haven’t seen the Rick & Morty ones, but I would suppose it’s the same situation, I’ll check up on those.

Answers :

Yes! Worlds are not updatable unfortunately because that would be too risky to overwrite your own content, but modules would be. Right now, I have a static version number as you’ll see them all as v0.0.1 I believe, and there’s no correlation between the ‘source card’ in the Bazaar import listing, versus the custom module listing after an import happened, but I’ll eventually match the two, so you could see that a module has an update (either if the D&D Beyond version was updated or because the converter itself was updated)

Yes! Definitely :slight_smile:

No, those NPCs should be provided to the converter already by DDB. The converter does not parse stat blocks, it uses other methods to get the raw data from D&D Beyond via an internal API. If that data is not available, then unfortunately it cannot be converted.

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