Question: What happens to my data when my subscription ends?

Hello. What if I want to take a break or even if something happens in real life and I forget to renew my subscription to the Forge? Will my games be available when I come back? If not, for how long?

The plan is to have the data remain for a month before it gets deleted. Same with the assets (which would become inaccessible until you bring it back under quota, but would not be deleted). However, I do not yet have any system in place to actually delete user data, so for now I’m not deleting anything, and doing that is not my priority either.
Note that before I would delete any data, I would make sure to notify the user enough times and with enough advance so they can do a backup before anything is deleted.
Finally, you can always go to “My Foundry” and do a full export of your data for safe keeping, which you can then import with the import wizard when you come back. That should give you the peace of mind you’d want at least.


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Thanks, that was about what I had in mind as acceptable also. I really don’t think anybody will have any problems, with the data exporter on one hand and the crazy creative itch to scratch that the Forge brings to Foundry, making difficult to stay away for long, even without playing!

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