Question: Is there a Forge supplied Jitsi server?

Question copied from Discord

From: Olsen

Hey guys, Was hoping someone here could help me out. The integrated audio/video has been a bit buggy for my group. I assume its cause some of my players have older pcs or slower internet. I’ve been looking into setting up Jitsi as a remedy to this. I know with self hosting the process is fairly involved but i was wondering what the process looks like when using The Forge.

I actually did a search and found a post from @KaKaRoTo that says the Jitsi Module just works with public jitsi server. My only question now is that is there any reason to set up the server vs just using the public server. Privacy, speed, reliability.

Answer: kakaroto
I would say those 3 are the important ones : privacy, speed and reliability.
So far from what I heard, the public jitsi server is fast and reliable, so the only remaining question is privacy. If you’re a person who cannot trust a server that you don’t own and control all by yourself, then privacy is a concern… otherwise, I have no reason to believe that jitsi public server has any potential privacy issues. Reason I’m not having my own jitsi server is that if you trust the forge (a server you don’t control) to handle your content, then trusting jitsi to do the same makes no difference (in other words, if you really felt the need to use a private server, you wouldn’t be a forge client anyway).

I’ll possibly do a custom Jitsi server later as a premium (cause those things would cost a ton in bandwidth and cpu) but it’s not my priority at the moment