Putting files in compendiua makes world's size bigger !?

I’m trying to limit the size of my data folder by putting a few actors, assets and journals into compendia and I noticed my world had became even bigger. Not only the global size of the world but even my data folder is bigger than before.
For example, journal.db was about 10.7 mb before and more than 11 mb after ! And it’s the same for every db files, they grew a little, so it’s very couterproductive…
How it is possible ? Thank you for your help

Hi there :wave:
Please see Why does my game data increase, for no apparent reason?

This is due to the way that v10 Foundry handles database compaction with NeDB. Previous copies of documents are kept until a certain number of operations are performed, at which point the database gets compacted and size reduces again

Worlds are housed inside the Game/User Data folder so this will affect world sizes. I’d recommend making sure your world has a healthy buffer of about 30% of its own size or more in your Game/User Data folder if possible, but this isn’t a hard number by any means.

What might be more productive is to View Data Storage from The Forge and clear out any old or unused packages, or any zip files you find in the Others tab. You can sort by Size (Descending) to make it easier to see which packages are taking up the most space.

ok fine I understand. Sorry i didn’t see that there was already a topic.
My world is about 55 mb but when i export it, only less than 20mb is the data folder, the rest is in packs and assets. Is that OK to avoid trouble in play?

Thank you very much for your quick answer anyway !

Yeah, that sounds right :+1:
It’s less of a hard rule and more of a thing to be aware of. If you encounter issues with your world loading in slowly, then you should double check the size of the world data, but where you’re sitting right now is plenty fine :+1: