Public World - Players receiving multiple "Access Unauthorized" errors

I have not generated an API key, yet any time a player logs into my public world, they’re presented with this error (what appears to be) several dozen times.

Error Image

That means that they are not logged in (so your game is likely set to Public), and that you have enabled a module which tries to browse their assets library when they log in. Since they’re logged out, it fails to browse their library and shows that error, and the module (or modules) does it several dozen times…

Hm… not sure what module that might be, but I’ll do some digging and see if I can figure out which one it is. Thank you.

I began by disabling all modules on one of my worlds, and while it does seem like there’s a module doing as you suggested (evidenced by the fact that they didn’t get the error multiple times) they did still get the error once. Is that normal for Public games, or is there still an issue?

Module List - 0 Active Modules
API Error

I don’t know, it might be the game system itself that does it. Every game is unique, and it’s generally rare to have people set their games to public (as it is only meant for use by children under the age of 13 due to COPPA laws).
As long as it doesn’t constantly appear and disrupts the game, then it shouldn’t be an issue, or if your users are 13 years and older, they could sign up for a free player account and not have the warning if it’s an issue for them.
I hope that helps.