Provide auto-online for Next Session scheduling

Description: One of the main misses from running my own server is the availability for my players. Most of the time I am available, but sometimes I am crunched on time and end up starting a couple minutes before the scheduled time. My players have asked that we bring up the World with about 30 minutes notices so that they can go through their spells, shoot-the-shit, and whatnot.

  • If another world is open at the time of scheduled pre-start, then I believe that auto-start should fail gracefully.

Once Story Teller features are done, it won’t matter :slight_smile:

In the meantime, you could use the API : How to control your games using custom API requests and reset your worlds periodically (you only need the first part of this tutorial and read the “a little bonus” section)
Short version: use the command to generate an API with manage-games permission, then you can do a script that calls the idle API with the world you want it to switch to at the appropriate times :slight_smile: