Problems with World since updating to V.9

Hi everyone,

I recently updated to V.9 and have noticed some significant performance issues since the change. My primary issue is not seeing any changes on a scene until I change to another scene first. This goes for everything from placing a token, moving a token, placing a wall, etc. I’ve tried troubleshooting the best I could (Launch in safe mode, enable and disable certain modules, even deleting scenes and notes) but nothing’s fixed the issue. For reference I’m playing Pathfinder 2e.

Has any one else encountered anything similar?

We’ve heard of similar issues but launching in safe mode would have fixed that for you as it appears to be linked to a broken module (keybind I think).
Did you make sure to update all your modules and systems AFTER you’ve set your Foundry to version 9? Also, if you have the Game Manager enabled, did you make sure you changed the version under the Game Manager tab? You can verify by seeing in the left side of the Bazaar if it says it’s showing packages compatible with version 9 or not.

Anyone who switched to v9 who had issues tried safe mode and things went smoothly afterwards (assuming all packages up to date). Do you have the issue on all your worlds, or just a specific one?

I just have one active world, but I think I found the specific Module[s] that’s causing the issue. I don’t have Keybind installed but I’ve narrowed my issue down to Library: DF Hotkeys - Library: Chat Commands - Lib: Document Sheet Registrar - Lib: Color Settings.

Going to do more testing on those and post any updates.