Problem with importing Clock Module

So I wanted to add custom clocks to my world.

The Clock module (GitHub - troygoode/fvtt-clocks: A module that lets you create Blades in the Dark-esque progress clocks ( within Foundry VTT ( Supports both ad hoc Tiles for use in a single scene and long-lasting Actor variants.) only allows for custom designs that are saved in the personal data, you have to add them to the folder „Templates“ in the module Folder.

I downloaded the whole module from git hub, added my designs and tried to add the module again via import wizard. Unfortunately, even when clicking to not add the module from the bazaar but to add it as a custom module, it does not show and cannot be selected in my game.
Is there another way to upload the files?

Update: Had the idea this night to try with another Clock Module (Lancer Style Clocks) and there it works. So everything is fine.