Problem with forge's compendium export

I’m having this consistent issue whenever I enable the compendium module that forge uses to export compendium information - its breaking the attack buttons in the chat somehow?? Once I enable it, it breaks the buttons and disabling it does not fix the buttons.

Hi there :wave:
I might be misunderstanding your issue!
The Compendium Export is not a module, it is a function available from The Forge that lets you download your compendium modules to your local device.

It looks like the issue you’re running into is module or system related. Which specific module is it that you enable that breaks the chat card buttons? And could you please open the dev tools console (F12) and post a screenshot of any error messages you see in there when you click the Damage button?

When I hit the export compendium button, it creates a module that I have to enable to get my compendium in my other games called Shared Compendiums!


Usually they get logged out in the console tab
But it doesn’t look like there are any errors from what I can see!

I don’t believe that it’s a shared compendium causing this, unless there is an error in the data itself. The module doesn’t execute any code or do anything except allow Foundry to look at the packs contained inside of them.

I recommend disabling all modules in your game, and checking if the issue persists.
If it does, re-enable the modules you had before one by one or in small groups until the dice issue appears again.

If you need any help troubleshooting, please make a ticket in the #ticket-support channel of our Discord server and post an invite to your game there, and I can hop in to help you check :slight_smile: