Pricing on The Forge

The Forge costs…

If you are a player, or joining someone’s existing game on The Forge, playing on and using The Forge is free for you. You do not have to purchase a subscription or pay money in general.

Only users who wish to host content, or purchase RPG content on our marketplace are required to pay to use The Forge or its marketplace.

If you wish to do any of the paid options above…

Subscription pricing

We detail the costs of our Foundry VTT hosting subscriptions on our Plans page. Please note that users who wish to subscribe for Foundry VTT hosting are required to own a license for Foundry VTT, which you can purchase from Foundry Gaming on this website: Purchase | Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Purchasing Content

On The Forge’s Bazaar marketplace, anyone (Forge or non-Forge hosting users alike) can purchase RPG content for their games. This includes battlemaps, character art/tokens, music packs, adventures, and much, much more!

You can browse through the latest Bazaar marketplace content here. Most packages have individually-set pricing, although some content is “pay what you want”- including free!