Premium Module (Abomination Vaults) not installing properly

Hi, I do not know from where I should start untangling this problem, so I’ll start from Forge side
I bought AV (Abomination Vaults) when it was released for Foundry back in the spring, and managed to install it. I left it as an idle world to wait for moment I’d be able to run it. Point being, I managed to install it and import it into a world.

During this fall, I updated to Foundry V.10, and when one of my groups running “Otari Trek” (BBox, Troubles, AV) started approaching AV, I opened the world, looked around and figured I’d see if there would be update for V.10. But I saw that according to my Installed Modules, I don’t have it installed. I entered the Foundry Setup → Modules, and attempted to reinstall it. After entering World Selection, I could not enter any of my worlds due to “Error: Data Quota Exceeded”, including new world I created to try importing a new copy of AV (In case that old world had corrupted or something?). After going to Forge and returning to Foundry, I could again enter my worlds. But AV was, again, marked as “Not installed”, and it shows up as a red critical error message when going to setup pages, telling that installing it has failed when pressing F12 for information.

I went to check how much space I have, and of 5 GB, I had used far less. I started removing obsolete modules, some maps, copies of files unnecessarily downloaded, in order to cut back and give room for installation. Including old AV world and Beginner Box world.

I am at 1,5 GB or something used now, Problem persists. I have bought Beginner Box (BBox), AV and all Blood Lords books to date (Installed only 1-3), and only Blood Lords books show as installed. Meaning both AV and BBox modules have disappeared.

What is the issue? I can take screenshots as guided, if it helps, and am using Forge browser/client form “Forge Awesomness” module, if that is a factor in this.