Premium Content

Just curious about when to expect support/availability of Premium Content. I think that it is already there and that there is just a lag between it being purchased and showing up here, but thought that I would check just to make sure.

Thanks! Super-happy with Forge-VTT!


Hey there, we’ve got a report that you’ve got to use the manifest URL after purchase, have you done so?

I hadn’t - I wasn’t sure if Forge-VTT was going to cache the content or if I had to pull it over. Now I know, thanks!

Yeah, I got instructions not to touch any premium content in any way and to not put it on the CDN/Bazaar, so it’s not going to be cached or use the assets library, and Foundry will handle 100% of that process all on its own.
At the moment though, I am realizing that the premium content isn’t appearing in the foundry list of modules, and I will fix that later today. As Kevin said though, you should receive a manifest URL which you can give directly to Foundry and that will work without problems.

I used the manifest URLs to fairly good effect and was able to create a world that has the premium content loaded. As you mentioned, the premium content section didn’t have anything listed, but this is the inaugural run and I’m sure that it will all get hammered out.

It should now be visible straight from the installer and from the Bazaar interface. You can also install it then export the module then use the import wizard to import it back and have it move the assets to the assets library for increased performance.