Possibility to have two different versions of Foundry on the Forge

As the title says, will it be possible to have two different games with two different versions of the Foundry on the Forge at the same time?

For instance I am finishing up a campaign and on the finale, and don’t want to mess things up. If I was to make a copy of the game and try to have it on 0.7.5 while my current stable game stays at 0.6.6?


Yes, definitely, that’s a use case I had in mind as well during design and each game would be able to have its own version set, so you can clone/test new releases that way.

Excellent! How one go about that?

That’s part of the upcoming Game Management features that I’m working on where you’d have one URL per world, each with its own configuration.
At the moment, you could manually change the version number in the My Foundry page before launching into the other world.