Players can't access files in File Manager to set character portraits

Running Foundry 0.8.8, MoSh Unofficial Mothership 0.1.7

I have a folder in my Assets Library with b&w character portraits, so that players can roll up a character on the Actor sheet I’ve created for them, click on the portrait (default Foundry hoodie guy) in the top-left corner of the sheet and select an image from the folder.

Players have permission to Configure Token Settings and Use File Browser - this allows them to click on the Browse button and see the folder itself, but there are no files displayed and so they cannot select anything to set a character portrait.Ditto if they try to edit Token to select an image that way. I can replicate the problem with my player test account.

Is this a native Forge permission somewhere? Or is this just a feature of Foundry that players can’t select files from the Asset Library? A bug?

Hi and welcome!
First, I would recommend you update to 0.8.9 as it is the latest stable release on the 0.8.x versions of Foundry.

This is Forge specific as the Assets Library is a Forge feature, you can read more about it here : The Assets Library - Docs - The Forge
One of its feature is that it isolates your assets from the player’s assets (each player account has their own assets library with a quota of 100MB which is more than enough for tokens and avatars), which prevents a curious player from looking at what files you have and potentially seeing the full scene map, or other monsters you have prepared for them.
Ideally, your players would upload their own tokens and select those from their own assets library. If you want them to choose one from a set of specific tokens, you could for example set the token to use a wildcard path and use the ‘random image’ option, then they’d be able to select the appearance of the token from the available images in the folder.

Alternatively, if you do trust your players and want them to be able to browse your own assets library instead of their own, we have a system in place to allow that : How to share access to your Assets Library - Docs - The Forge

I hope that helps.

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Very helpful, thank you. I suspected it was something like this but that wasn’t really clear.

I need to check on my systems and mods being 0.8.9 compatible, thanks again!