Player with connection issues, but they don't make sense(SOLVED)

I have a player with a similar isp, distance from nearest server, and a much better computer than mine, but his connection to my game is awful. I added a module to show me the delay, I sit at 60ish ms but he sits between 900 to 1500 ms delay. Are there any other factors I’m missing?

Edit: We found the issue was his chrome browser, as switching to edge fixed this issue. When in doubt use a different browser.

Good! That sounds extremely weird, maybe try cleaning through cache and such if it is an issue using Edge.
I would also ask if a VPN is used ^^ and if so, try to disable it?

Probably an issue with the cache for how extreme it was, but there is a difference between browsers, chrome was the slowest for me, followed by firefox, then brave which is the one I actively use, but the difference was minor.