Player stops being able to interact with World

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I DM a group of 5 players and only 1 player is experiencing these issues. While playing, he losses the ability to interact with foundry, he can’t move his token. His specs are more than enough to run foundry, he’s on fibre with not really any latency when tested, and he’s tried on two different machines.

It seems to be local from his side, as none of the other players have experienced any of these issues. Is there perhaps a browser setting that could be causing the issue?

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You’re right, it does indeed sound like there is some kind of browser crash on that player’s side. Since it seems to happen in play, it might have to do with a specific action in the world that triggers it.

Player dev tools console (F12) logs

I think the best way for us to be able to troubleshoot it would be for that player to open his dev tools console (F12) and to keep it open to the side while playing (you can resize the window). If the same thing happens, there should be and error being logged out there that will help us to determine what’s going wrong.

It could be because of a browser extension, an error with their character sheet or the world data that they’re interacting with, or possibly their websocket connection dropping and being unable to reconnect, or something else, so getting the error if there is one logged out will help a lot.

Foundry logs

As the game owner, you can also View the Foundry logs for your Foundry server from The Forge. If there is an error logged on this side when that happens to your user, it might appear here. It might show here. It’s worth a check, but I do think it’s more likely to be happening on that player’s browser.

Hope that helps!
Please post some screenshots if you’re able to get them, and we should be able to figure out what exactly is going wrong.

It’s possible that this is some kind of Foundry module executing in the player’s browser and causing this behaviour. Since it sounds like it’s intermittent, you might not want to disable all your modules, but checking if the issue occurs with all modules disabled or not is also helpful troubleshooting info.