Player looking for group

Hello, I’m hoping to join a new game. I’ve been playing D&d for roughly a decade, & other TTRPGs as well. I’m open to most systems, & I’m familiar with d20, d100, & dice pool systems. Was hoping to play as a beginner character (level1/0exp), because most of my experience is in high tier characters. However, I am open to starting at any level. I love both RP & combat.

:crossed_swords: I have experience in D&d 5e, Dark Heresy 2e, Shadowrun 5e, Degenesis: Rebirth, Shadow of the Demon Lord, & Deadlands. (in that order)
I’m interested in learning most systems, but mainly D&d 3.5e, Pathfinder 2e, & Warhammer Fantasy.

:spiral_calendar: My schedule is kinda tricky. The best day would probably be Thursday, later in the evening. Wednesday is out of the question, but any other day of the week I usually get off from work before 7 ET. Looking for weekly or bi-weekly. I will always let you know if something comes up & I can’t make it to the session.
I’m est.

:question: I would prefer to play on Foundry, but Roll20 is fine too. I’m not a stranger to theater of the mind, but I’m a sucker for combat/exploration maps.

I am running a Pathfinder 1ED on Sundays at 7:30pm Mountain Time if you are interested