Player LFG 5e/C&C game

Hello! I’m Waffle. I’m looking for an English speaking group to play either 5e or C&C with, though I’m also open to PF1E. I run my own game every other Friday, and I play in one Saturday game at 7pm CST, and I’d like to get in some more time as a player since I DM about 80% of the time. I’m 35 and work from home, so I can do most games times, I just might occasionally get interrupted by client calls.

I’ve got a number of character ideas and can fit into most groups fairly easily. I prefer long form campaigns to short ones, and I don’t really want to pick up in the middle of a campaign that’s already going. I really would rather play in one from the start or near the start, and I’d love to see some of the modules like ToD, Strahd, and RotF for 5e or anything from C&C, as I’ve not done a whole lot with C&C yet.

If you have something, hit me up on Discord @lordofthewafflehouse