Player froze, reloads, then can not access game-side player slot- even after refresh and cookies

Basically I hosted a game yesterday 02/26/2021 (admittedly my first using foundry since i have gotten it) and one player had multiple times where they needed to reload the game for various reasons including freezing/black screen. After reloading, each time they could no longer log in game side to the player slot- it essentially said the player slot was being used/occupied and they would have to use another players slot, or i would have to kick them, delete the player slot, and rename it.

Deleting cookies the first time helped, but after that i had to make them new slots consistently every time it happened.

this isn’t a huge deal since the slots could be remade easily and it didn’t effect their actual forge profile, but it was very annoying.

for fairness: i know they are using an older laptop to run the game, and they were the only player with this problem. Could an older laptop be the blame of the above problem? or is it something more?

Sorry if this has been answered before, I can not find any duplicate issue 100% matching the one i encountered. Thank you in advance for any help/suggestions.

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That’s a FoundryVTT bug, where it things the player is still logged in (based on how they disconnected). You can solve it by Stopping/Starting your server.

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Thank you, I will try this next time and see if it helps them reconnect better, because it was persisting even when closing out of the browser completely so i was a bit puzzled as to what was going on aha

Yeah, it’s the server holding on to “No the player is still here!”, instead of the browser

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