Player Connectivity Issue

I started a new campaign tonight and had an issue with only one player not being able to access the game. They logged in to Forge completely fine, and then would go to hit “Access Game”; however, whenever this happened it would load for a quick minute and they would than be left of a screen without the drop down menu to select the user in game. It would simply leave them staring at the Foundry Anvil symbol that would typically appear behind that menu that pops up after hitting access game.

As far as troubleshooting we attempted mid-session, we checked browser (He was using Google Chrome like the other 3 of us). We had him attempt to reconnect multiple times, and even kicked him from the game and reinvited him to attempt to see if it would work.

Has anyone had any issues like this, or could help with potential solutions we could attempt before next weeks session?

A new player in my game is having the same problem, no UI for logging in on the landing page.

We haven’t had time to trouble shoot since the last session, so we haven’t found a fix. I’m going to see if I can get the player this weekend to maybe try to clear their cache and etc. Unless someone else has a better solution. I’ll let you know when we trouble shoot if we can find any workaround. Out of the 9 players I have this is the only one having this issue.

I’ve made a dummy account to test, and it worked for me. I’ve suggested turning off any browser extensions they might have, and trying a different browser app. Will let you know if that works.

UPDATE: Player used a different browser (Brave) and it worked.