Player Characters sheets no longer showing level up

Not sure when its started but this issue has been plaguing us for a couple of weeks. Disabling all mods and reinitialising does nothing.

Hey there, this might’ve been related to an assets issue from a while ago.

I’ve checked on my side and it looks to be showing with the DDB-Importer: A D&D Beyond Integrator | Forge Bazaar v5.2.8 and dnd5e 3.2.

Please note that the position of the button changes depending on your settings for ddb importer
With this setting inactive, you need to activate the edit mode on the sheet


And with it active, you can see it even when not editing

If you’re still encountering this, please let me know!

Thanks Phi

I deactivated all modules and reinitialised one at a time, updating DnD Beyond to the latest version. The problem reappeared when I activated ‘Easy Target’ but I removed the module and now the level up arrow is showing for players.

Thanks So much for your help!

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