Player Can't Access My Game

Hi there. Just invited a new player to my Foundry game through Forge. He has created an account and can see and press ‘access game’, which takes him through to welcome screen, where he can see the background image I chose for my world, but not the options menu. So he cannot select use or join game. I already have seven other players who do not have this issue. Anyone got any ideas, please?

This sounds like a browser issue.

For information
Chrome, Edge and Firefox are the only known browsers that work with Foundry.
A lot of Mac users have issues when trying safarai, or old windows explorer.

Make sure you’re using a compatible browser.

If they are, try using one of the others recommended above, as it might seem something is wrong.
You can follow: How to fix/turn on your browser's hardware acceleration
to see if that fixes the issue.