Player can’t see scenes

Hello, I have a player who’s played on foundry before and still currently does just fine. And his. Hardware acceleration enabled and. Can see the other game just fine…but when he connects to mine on the forge. He just gets a black screen and the game paused icon can see rolls in chat and all images shared etc but can’t see scene map/background all my other players can connect fine. The game is set to public idk if that changes any thing

What is the size of the image you used for the background? And is it bigger than what your player’s GPU can support (they can verify their limit on, see the “max texture size” line).
Can you check if only a specific scene isn’t visible to them, or if others aren’t either.
(Also, make sure that if the scene has token vision enabled, they have a token on the map, and that token has vision and there is some light source on the map)

hey i disabled some modules and it worked i must of had a memory leak in one of them thank you