[PF2e][Thursday 8PM EST][$15/Session] Gatewalkers Adventure Path; Party is 2nd Level; Play to 20th Level

The party is currently a 2nd Level Magus, Fighter, Wizard, and Thaumaturge. Your character will join at 2nd level with 30 gp in gear and items. I will work with you create a background and integrate your new character into the current plot line.

The group is interested in picking up the Stolen Fates or Fist of the Ruby (11th to 20th level) Phoenix after completing Gatewalkers so they intend to play to 20th.

You can learn about the campaign by reviewing the free player’s guide provided by Paizo here.

Your first session is free to so you can get a feel for the group and my GM style.

You can read the details of the campaign and join on the Start Playing page.