[pf2e] Question about Familiar class feat

The summoner Class Feat section of pf2e is disabled. I can use the browse button and select a feat, (Familiar, in my case) but the feat will not register under Class Feats. To complete my character, I had to select my familiar under Bonus Feats. I’ve even tried to move the Familiar up into the Class Feat section from the Bonus Feat section, but it still doesn’t work. Can someone please look into this? Thanks in advance.

I have moved your post to its own topic. Please do not post your questions in other people’s thread, especially if they are completely unrelated to your question and even more so if the other topic has been closed/stale for over a year!
As for your specific question. The PF2e system knows what it’s doing. Familiar is not a Summoner class feat, which is likely why it’s not accepting it as a class feat for your summoner, but only as a bonus feat.

Thank you for moving the post appropriately. As for Familiar not being a Sorcerer feat in pf2e, I’m afraid you’re wrong. Page 198 in the core rulebook clearly lists Familiar as a Sorcerer feat. Further, it doesn’t matter which feat I choose, the Class feat will reject it and send it down to Bonus feat.

My bad. A sorcerer doesn’t get a Sorcerer’s feat until 2nd level.

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Yeah, Sorcerer has access to the Familiar feat, but you originally said Summoner (which doesn’t), which is where my confusion was.
And yeah, class feats are only at the second level.
I personally liked to use pathbuilder2e which has a great UI to see how the character’s evolution is and what you receive at each level, etc… (and once I build my character there, I then make the same adjustements in foundry)